Featured Project

Featured Project


The Hamilton Regional Employers' Roadmap is a project conducted by SynergyPro on behalf of The Alliance of Sector Councils 

 This new resource builds on the Employer’s Roadmap project delivered for the Foreign Credentials Recognition Office (FCRO)  in 2009. A step-by-step guide, The Employer’s Roadmap guides Canadian employers through the process of hiring and retaining internationally-trained workers. The format and content was developed in consultation with employers, business groups, sector councils and immigrant serving agencies.



The labour market integration of internationally-trained workers across the country is affected by different local conditions:

  • Settlement patterns
  • Involvement of provincial governments in Canadian immigration programs
  • Involvement of municipalities in attracting newcomers and providing settlement services
  • General awareness of the benefits of hiring internationally-trained workers
  • Economic and industrial conditions and employer's needs in the region
  • Availability of supporting resources and services

The project addresses regional variability by developing and distributing Regional Roadmaps for employers, particularly SMEs. The initial Employer's Roadmap has been expanded with customized information for supplemental Regional Roadmaps that address the context and needs of employers in eight different regions in Canada.


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